Studio Policies (updated 02/2021)

Read through these updated studio policies before signing up for private piano lessons.

Disclaimer: By signing up for private lessons for you or your child on (Academy), you are agreeing to participate under the requirements set forth in this post. To view these studio policies as a printable document visit this link.


Paying for Lessons

All students taking private lessons are required to pay through the website as a monthly subscription. When you sign up for your private lessons, you will also input your payment method of choice. The payment processor for the Academy (Stripe) accepts all major credit and debit cards. Your payment method on file will be automatically billed every month until you cancel your monthly subscription to your private lessons. Payments for individual lessons cannot be accepted unless under specific circumstances upon which we agree. Your payment information including your monthly cost, previous and upcoming payments, and payment method can be found in the “Membership” section of your profile.

Canceling Lessons

If you decide that you no longer want to take piano lessons, you can cancel your subscription in the “Membership” section of your account. You’ll then be unenrolled from monthly automatic payments. You will not receive a refund for any lessons remaining in the current month that you cancel. Any files you have on the site will remain for 30 days. After that, they’ll be archived and not accessible. Please download your personal files as they are yours to keep. If you are having trouble cancelling lessons and stopping payments, please let me know and I can do this manually.

Private Lessons Calendar

Each private student is guaranteed 46 lessons per year (or the remainder, if you start later in the year). The yearly lessons fee is split into 12 equal monthly payments. Lessons are given weekly but a bi-weekly schedule can also be arranged. You will continue to pay the same monthly fee regardless of the amount of lessons you receive in that month. For example, if you are signed up for 30 minute lessons on Mondays and there are five Mondays in the month, you’ll still pay $100. Likewise, vacation time does not reduce your monthly payment.

There are four vacations built into the schedule:

  • Fall Break – 1 Week
  • Winter Break – 2 Weeks
  • Spring Break – 1 Week
  • Summer Break – 2 Weeks

The exact dates of these vacations will vary from year to year, but basically follow a typical school schedule. You will always know at least four weeks in advance of an upcoming vacation. Sometimes, vacations will be combined to make one longer break. If that happens, you will know in advance. No matter how the vacations are taken, you will always receive 46 lessons (or your remainder) per year. You will be able to see your lesson schedule and how many lessons remain for the year on your weekly practice plan or in the Zoom tab of your “My Lessons” group on the Academy website.


I will always make-up or reschedule a lesson that I have to miss, even at the last minute. I usually know far in advance when I have to reschedule a lesson and we’ll work to find a good time for you. If you need to miss a lesson you must give me 24 hours notice in order to receive a make-up lesson or to reschedule.

Use of The Academy Website

We’ll use for the majority of our communication and to send files back and forth. By signing up for private piano lessons, you should expect to get familiar with using the site and its many features.


After signing up for piano lessons (usually within 72 hours), you’ll be placed into two groups that will help you organize your lessons and information on the site. You will be expected to check in on these groups regularly to get updated information regarding your piano lessons.

My Studio

All students are placed into the “My Studio” group. This is where studio-wide information is posted. In this group, you’ll find information about upcoming events (recitals, studio group classes, workshops or parties). There’s also a group forum where you can chat with me and other piano students in the studio.

My Lessons

You’ll also be placed into your own private group with me called “My Lessons”. This is where you’ll spend most of your time on the site. It houses a lot of information including: practice plans, lesson documents (sheet music, recordings, etc.), lesson schedule, and Zoom links. Be sure to check for updates in “My Lessons” before your weekly lesson.

Documents and Lesson Files

Your “My Lessons” group will be updated regularly with your student files including: sheet music, backing tracks, practice recordings, exercises, weekly practice plans, and other important items or information. It is your responsibility to check the website regularly for these updates. New files for your upcoming lesson will be uploaded to your “Documents” section in your account at least an hour before. I will usually send you a message when new documents are uploaded, though it’s a good idea to check “My Lessons” before joining your lesson.


The messaging system on will be used as the primary form of communication between us, except for emergencies which can be communicated by text or phone. All messages sent through the website are secure and private and notifications are forwarded to your email address, so you know when you have new messages. If you’re not getting messages, check your Spam folder or let me know.


All online piano lessons will be taught using Zoom. You can find your lesson schedule and the links to join each lesson in your account in the Zoom section.

Practice Plans

Sometime after each lesson (usually under 24 hours), you’ll receive an update to your practice plan, unless we’ve worked out another system for you. This practice plan will have helpful information for you regarding your week of practice. It will spell out the different goals and tasks to accomplish and some information about how to accomplish them. It may also include links to other resources. The practice plan is a continually updated Google Doc. You do not need a Google account to access it. I’ll usually put the current week at the top and move the previous weeks underneath. I’ll keep a few weeks in the plan for reference.

Practice Requirements

Students will be expected to practice regularly by following the tips and suggestions laid out in the weekly practice plan. We will determine the amount of practice time needed during our lessons together based upon your goals and how much free time you have. Within that framework, you’ll be expected to work towards those established goals. While extremely rare, students who are not practicing may be asked to either step up their practice routine or consider stopping lessons. For young children, parents will be asked to take an active role in their child’s practice by ensuring they meet the minimum amount of practice time or weekly goals set for the child.


For further clarification on these studio policies, please watch the videos posted above or contact me directly.